Sunday, 31 January 2016

The ghost of FJ Harrop

The ghostly form of FJ Harrop Ltd still haunts Dale Street in Manchester. Its smart 68 sign stands out on this mid-19th century warehouse, thought to be one of the earliest in the street. FJ Harrop was probably a small manufacturing business. The building, in keeping with Manchester's textile history, has more recently been used by a yarn supplier.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Warm wishes

A cosy sign at our local hardware store to warm you in this wintry weather. 

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Slip into French & Sons

There is something comforting about French's shoe shop. This wonderful sign is the hallmark of quality in the smart little parade of shops in Bedford Place, Southampton. Rather like St Paul's in London, as long as French & Sons is still standing, everything will be alright.

French & Sons have been making shoes since 1794 and the current store is run by an 8th generation French. They moved into their fine Bedford Place premises in 1890 and this shop is still the first port of call for solid school shoes and slippers for maiden aunts.

I remember being dragged here for sensible school shoes when I’d much rather have been shopping at Dolcis (RIP). The shoes I came out with were inevitably plain, brown and dull. Nowadays, however, I confess to thinking “Ooh, they look comfy” when I walk past their window – surely a sign of age.

Check them out

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Bread and beer - no flies on us

I thought I’d pick a pretty picture to start the New Year. This gorgeous mosaic sign decorates the doorway of the Fly in the Loaf in Hardman Street, Liverpool. The bar takes its name from the slogan of the Kirklands bakery which once occupied this spot – they claimed there were “no flies in the loaf”. Already appointed as bakers to Queen Victoria, Kirklands opened this building in 1888. According to a Liverpool Mercury article at the time, the bakery was designed to be “a perfectly sanitary bakehouse, combining all the best health arrangements”. It continued as a bakery until the 1970s.