About this blog

Welcome to my blog about signs that caught my eye. 

The humble sign is an effective means of communication that's so much part of the landscape it's often ignored. 

Signs are meant to be informative - but of course they're often also funny, artistic, archaic or downright misleading. 

I'm flexible with my definition of a sign. The dictionary offers at least 10 definitions, the first being that a sign indicates or acts as a token of a fact not immediately observable. 

This blog is a collection of signs that appeal to me, with a little of their history thrown in when I can find it. You'll find street signs, shop signs, ghost signs, chalked signs, building signs, old signs, art, graffiti, adverts and more. It reflects where I spend most of my time - Manchester, Stockport, London, Liverpool, Southampton. It's not about great photography - my photos tend to come out quite a bit worse than I'd like. Sorry about that. 

Enjoy the signs. 

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