Saturday, 16 November 2013

London and North Western Railway Goods Warehouse

I like Victorian industrial buildings. Victorians loved to make even the most functional structures look beautiful, and sometimes slightly whimsical – decorated temples for the worship of industry or castles to celebrate commerce.

Not far from Stockport’s fantastic viaduct is this rather grand warehouse, formerly the London and North Western Railway Goods Warehouse (and now, appropriately, a Safestore storage building).
Grade II listed, it was built in 1877 in an Italianate style – a style shared by even grander buildings such as Osborne House, Queen Victoria’s holiday home on the Isle of Wight.
Pleasingly, this sign (on the railway side of the warehouse) is one reason the building is listed. The fancy architecture and prominent display of the name did what they were designed to do - a good job of promoting the London and North Western Railway.


  1. and the steeple of christ church poking up behind the coods warehouse - nice one

  2. Thanks - I found it hard to get it all in (with my somewhat poor photography skills and shaky hand!) so I was pleased I managed to do it.

  3. Great photo and a really dramatic looking building

  4. Great photo. It reminds me a bit of some secret installation with the church spire looking like a rocket taking off from inside the building..bit Thunderbirds. Love these photos you take Sue. I must take more notice of my own surrounds..