Sunday, 18 May 2014

A tribute to the boiler maker

The excitement of having a new boiler fitted this week (yes, it’s all thrills in our house) reminded me of this sign, a tribute to WH Eacott, boiler maker, by his devoted wife.

The plaque is on the wall of Christ Church vicarage on the Isle of Dogs, Poplar, London. We visited a few years ago on family tree research. The vicar was very welcoming, and took us into his garden to see this loving tribute.

The Isle of Dogs was a quiet area until William Cubitt developed it in the mid-19th century. The Cubitt brothers were responsible for much development in London, including Pimlico and Belgravia. William specialised in public buildings, bridges and roads, and built Cubitt Town to house his extensive workforce. 


  1. That's interesting. I thought I knew everything about all things to do with the history of the Isle of Dogs (books, FB groups, blog: Even more of a shock to me - I was raised in the flats across the road to the vicarage. I had no idea about this plaque. Thanks.