Saturday, 7 June 2014

Wish I was there

We had a fantastic holiday in Ilfracombe a few years ago. Despite torrential rain and landslides, it was one of the best holidays we’ve had. I think this was down to the slightly magical quirkiness of the place.

This sign was on display at the stunning bathing tunnels, which were hand carved in the 1820s. The Victorians let nothing stop them from doing what they wanted, so they cut holes through the rock to get to the sea. The tunnels and beach have been restored; we had just enough warm weather to get a chilly swim.

Apart from beautiful scenery and fantastic food, Ilfracombe also boasts one of the most enjoyable museums I’ve been to. Opened in 1932, it’s stuffed full of bizarre old collections, and invites you to open the drawers and discover its treasures for yourself. A museum with a gentle sense of fun. 

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